Art for Valentine’s Day 2016

If you’re not one for cheesy Valentine’s Day gestures but still want a little something thoughtful as a gift, we have collected together some prints and paintings that might fit the bill.

Graphic prints that say “couple” in different ways. The hairy prints can be bought separately to make your own man/man or woman/woman combinations as well.
A simple knot with all the symbolism of being “together” without the hearts and flowers. This would be a great addition to a wall packed with other more colourful or patterned pictures.

For more personal options there are also some lovely custom options. Since some of these items take time to make, check with the sellers to see when they can be completed.

Of course, if you do want to say lurve with hearts and flowers you can stay away from the hallmark card soppiness and head straight for something slightly more anatomical.
These stormtrooper lovers are for the overlap in the venn diagram of “newly engaged” + “valentine’s day” + “star wars fans”.
Or some film fans may prefer it if you skip the couple symbolism all together and just get them something cool for their walls – like a print inspired by their favourite movie.