Graphic Monochrome Bathroom

A sleek, minimal bathroom deserves the right kinds of accessories. Forgo the usual bathroom additions for hints of marble, streamlined rectangular towel rails and of course, an array of striking skin and body products with simple packaging and honest ingredients. We especially love the pared back graphic design and lean typography of the bathroom products created by Yoshimomo and Herbivore Botanics, which are based in the US.

If you’re not one for cheesy Valentine’s Day gestures but still want a little something thoughtful as a gift, we have collected together some prints and paintings that might fit the bill.

Graphic prints that say “couple” in different ways. The hairy prints can be bought separately to make your own man/man or woman/woman combinations as well.
A simple knot with all the symbolism of being “together” without the hearts and flowers. This would be a great addition to a wall packed with other more colourful or patterned pictures.

For more personal options there are also some lovely custom options. Since some of these items take time to make, check with the sellers to see when they can be completed.

Of course, if you do want to say lurve with hearts and flowers you can stay away from the hallmark card soppiness and head straight for something slightly more anatomical.
These stormtrooper lovers are for the overlap in the venn diagram of “newly engaged” + “valentine’s day” + “star wars fans”.
Or some film fans may prefer it if you skip the couple symbolism all together and just get them something cool for their walls – like a print inspired by their favourite movie.
Still struggling to kick the new year into shape? Maybe you just need to get organised in a way that suits your finely tuned aesthetic sensibilities. We’ve gathered together some calendars and planners that are minimal and graphic.
Each monthly page of this calendar is like a vibrant artwork in itself, almost too good to write on but great as a colourful addition to a work space that you can glance at for dates.
Keep it simple with this very minimal 12 month wall calendar. The month by month design includes daily box spaces to write important dates and events.
Dozi has a range of these different basic calendars available using different colours and graphic elements. Each monthly page is tinted with a slightly different pastel colour.

These calendars are a graphic option as a simple all-in-one 2016 calendar for when you like to see dates at a glance. It can also be helpful to use calendars like this as giant visual planner – by highlighting blocks of important dates in different colours you can see an overview of your year more easily. Perfect for tracking the progress of work projects that run over many months.

Dozi also has these minimal planners with graphic covers if you’re more into planning your time day by day.
Whether it’s a secret santa gift or an extra little present for your other half, we’ve put together a list of nice bath products that are handmade. These babies are all affordable too, coming in at under £10 / $15 USD. If you’ve got guests staying over for Christmas maybe this is the perfect time to stock up the bathroom cupboard.
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So you can smell like a biscuit.
Such a great colour! And apparently the musky smell of patchouli helps reduce anxiety?
According to SkinFoodbyAB, this little guy will help with digestion.
This soap is all natural with no animal ingredients, perfect for vegans.
This deep cleanse soap has lovely packaging for the minimalist in your life.
This bathroom product is all natural and completely multifunctional… spray it on your face, spritz your linen.
Another vegan option, this salt scrub uses pink Himalayan salt for a beautiful blush hue.
Another monochrome packaging option for minimalists is this lovely peppermint tea soap.
As an alternative to all the soaps, what about this organic tinted lip balm?
And if you end up stuck with getting a secret santa present for the work colleague you don’t like…
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Colourful mid-century inspired clock. Maybe not the best for learning to tell the time, but great use of colours.
For a more sculptural option, consider these folded paper animals that arrive as a kit and would look great on a kids room wall.
This playful little print is A5 in size and is one of the illustrations from Ashley Ronning’s zine created after a trip to Japan.
For more illustrated options, this pair of koala buddies would look great as a throw cushion on a kids bed.
This simple little clock uses striking colour blocking, and is made from cardboard.
This songbird mobile would make a sweet addition to a nursery whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family yourself, or have friends and family that have one on the way.
If you’re stuck for present ideas for the bearded men in your life, then there are some fun handmade options available in terms of shaving soaps, aftershave and beard combs that come with simple packaging and spicy fragrances.
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This beard kit includes a bar of soap a beard oil. The bar of soap is made from local craft beer with plenty of shea and cocoa butter and topped off with eucalyptus oil. This gives the soap a creamy lather and a spicy aroma. The beard oil is a blend of essential oils – the hops essential oil gives a heady mix of citrus, pine and spices which is topped off with grapefruit and black pepper for added depth. A few drops of this baby will help to keep your lover’s face soft and moisturised and also help to tame rogue beard hairs.
For another beard set option, there’s also this set of soaps and beard oil. We like the sound of the “activated charcoal” soap, while the beard oil has been developed and tested by the seller who describes himself as a “full time beard wearing Mainer” so you know it’s got to be good.
For added control, those with a decent growth may need a beard comb like this beauty. This one is really two combs in one with different widths on either side and is made in a combination of cherry wood and eastern maple.
When it comes time to shave the beard off and start again this rich shaving cream is free of parabens, SLS/SLES, propellants and petroleum products and is packed with ingredients for a smooth shave. The scent is described as crisp, clean and faintly smoky and includes bergomot. You can use this to shave anywhere on your body that you’d use a razor so consider this a unisex present option.
For those who prefer a shaving soap over a shaving foam, this lemon verbena soap is a versatile option for travellers since it can be used to shave and also just used as a normal soap. Scented with Italian bergamot and lemon verbena mixed with primrose and violet this is another neutral scent perfect for unisex borrowing.
As a post shave product, this citrus scented aftershave would make a great present or extra little stocking filler. It is handmade with all natural ingredients and comes in a lovely amber glass bottle.
Having your home filled with framed artworks doesn’t need to be expensive with so many artists creating prints at affordable prices. The round-up of prints below shows some options that are original prints created using linocut processes, while others are limited edition prints that are digital reproductions of the artists original works. With all prices falling below about £25 (roughly $40 USD), you can afford to give original artwork as presents or fill a wall in your own home.
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Lovely A4 size “Mineral” poster designed and printed in France. This print is a limited edition print, numbered from 1 to 80.
Simple, linear designs sold as a set of four. These are original linocut block prints made by hand, so each print will vary slightly.
Soft, sorbet coloured pastels in a bold linear design. This print is available in a range of sizes and is printed on premium heavyweight archival matte paper.
Feeling fragile? Sweet colours in this parfum print. Drawn by Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, printed by l’Abricot.
Simple monochrome print design, great for mixing in on an art wall filled with more ornate and textured artworks. See other work from Sweet Peony Press on Etsy to see coordinating prints with a foil finish.
Striking 8″ x 10″ print exploring mark making with ink. Digitally printed with Chroma life inks on 310gsm lightly textured archival paper.
This serene print looks great on its own or can be purchased as part of a triptych inspired by water in Japanese art and design. This is an original linocut block print, so subtle variations will occur.
For those with a taste for mid-century modern, this lovely little linocut print would look great on its own or mixed in with more vibrant artworks.
This constellation print is available in a range of sizes (A4/A3/A2) and comes printed on 270gsm Canson paper using premium inks.
If you love marble details in interior design, this simple print make a great addition to a space at a very affordable price.
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As anyone with a stylish vegan friend will know, cruelty free shopping does not have to mean that you compromise on style. Here we’ve found just a few examples of the beautiful handmade items that would make great presents for vegan friends and family.
As Hopscotch London explains, other nail polish brands can sometimes use fish scales for shine and crushed beatles to create colour. And that’s aside from the terrible chemicals that are often used. These vegan nail polishes are available in great colours with beautiful shine and have the added bonus of being made by hand and completely animal cruelty free.
It can be tough sometimes to find stylish bags that aren’t made of leather, but these bags from BagDoRi in South Korea use synthetic leather and come in styles that look both sleek and practical.
Wild Raven Soap in Australia has a great range of soaps, lip balms and bath products that are handmade. This orange and poppyseed soap looks incredible. It uses a base of pure natural vegetable oils and uses all pure vegan ingredients free from artificial flavours, fragrances or preservatives, palm oil, parabens, mineral oils, sodium lauryl, or laureth sulphate.
These lunch bags are a great way to carry your lunch without burning through packaging making it a great gift for an eco-conscious friend or family member. The canvas on this bag is waxed with a combination of paraffin and beeswax so this particular bag is not vegan-friendly. However, contact the seller and they will make you a paraffin-only custom order.
If you’re buying gifts for people who always have loose change, these minimal origami coin purses make a great little present. They are completely vegan because they are made from washable paper, not leather, which will soften with use for added texture.
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