Calendars and Planners for 2016

Still struggling to kick the new year into shape? Maybe you just need to get organised in a way that suits your finely tuned aesthetic sensibilities. We’ve gathered together some calendars and planners that are minimal and graphic.
Each monthly page of this calendar is like a vibrant artwork in itself, almost too good to write on but great as a colourful addition to a work space that you can glance at for dates.
Keep it simple with this very minimal 12 month wall calendar. The month by month design includes daily box spaces to write important dates and events.
Dozi has a range of these different basic calendars available using different colours and graphic elements. Each monthly page is tinted with a slightly different pastel colour.

These calendars are a graphic option as a simple all-in-one 2016 calendar for when you like to see dates at a glance. It can also be helpful to use calendars like this as giant visual planner – by highlighting blocks of important dates in different colours you can see an overview of your year more easily. Perfect for tracking the progress of work projects that run over many months.

Dozi also has these minimal planners with graphic covers if you’re more into planning your time day by day.