Gifts for Stylish Vegan Ladies

As anyone with a stylish vegan friend will know, cruelty free shopping does not have to mean that you compromise on style. Here we’ve found just a few examples of the beautiful handmade items that would make great presents for vegan friends and family.
As Hopscotch London explains, other nail polish brands can sometimes use fish scales for shine and crushed beatles to create colour. And that’s aside from the terrible chemicals that are often used. These vegan nail polishes are available in great colours with beautiful shine and have the added bonus of being made by hand and completely animal cruelty free.
It can be tough sometimes to find stylish bags that aren’t made of leather, but these bags from BagDoRi in South Korea use synthetic leather and come in styles that look both sleek and practical.
Wild Raven Soap in Australia has a great range of soaps, lip balms and bath products that are handmade. This orange and poppyseed soap looks incredible. It uses a base of pure natural vegetable oils and uses all pure vegan ingredients free from artificial flavours, fragrances or preservatives, palm oil, parabens, mineral oils, sodium lauryl, or laureth sulphate.
These lunch bags are a great way to carry your lunch without burning through packaging making it a great gift for an eco-conscious friend or family member. The canvas on this bag is waxed with a combination of paraffin and beeswax so this particular bag is not vegan-friendly. However, contact the seller and they will make you a paraffin-only custom order.
If you’re buying gifts for people who always have loose change, these minimal origami coin purses make a great little present. They are completely vegan because they are made from washable paper, not leather, which will soften with use for added texture.
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