Presents for Your Bearded Boyfriend

If you’re stuck for present ideas for the bearded men in your life, then there are some fun handmade options available in terms of shaving soaps, aftershave and beard combs that come with simple packaging and spicy fragrances.
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This beard kit includes a bar of soap a beard oil. The bar of soap is made from local craft beer with plenty of shea and cocoa butter and topped off with eucalyptus oil. This gives the soap a creamy lather and a spicy aroma. The beard oil is a blend of essential oils – the hops essential oil gives a heady mix of citrus, pine and spices which is topped off with grapefruit and black pepper for added depth. A few drops of this baby will help to keep your lover’s face soft and moisturised and also help to tame rogue beard hairs.
For another beard set option, there’s also this set of soaps and beard oil. We like the sound of the “activated charcoal” soap, while the beard oil has been developed and tested by the seller who describes himself as a “full time beard wearing Mainer” so you know it’s got to be good.
For added control, those with a decent growth may need a beard comb like this beauty. This one is really two combs in one with different widths on either side and is made in a combination of cherry wood and eastern maple.
When it comes time to shave the beard off and start again this rich shaving cream is free of parabens, SLS/SLES, propellants and petroleum products and is packed with ingredients for a smooth shave. The scent is described as crisp, clean and faintly smoky and includes bergomot. You can use this to shave anywhere on your body that you’d use a razor so consider this a unisex present option.
For those who prefer a shaving soap over a shaving foam, this lemon verbena soap is a versatile option for travellers since it can be used to shave and also just used as a normal soap. Scented with Italian bergamot and lemon verbena mixed with primrose and violet this is another neutral scent perfect for unisex borrowing.
As a post shave product, this citrus scented aftershave would make a great present or extra little stocking filler. It is handmade with all natural ingredients and comes in a lovely amber glass bottle.